800 Values No.101~200

121. Repentance is an effective way to purify the soul and also a cure to eliminate negative karma.


122. Praying has incredible supernatural power –  pray more when you cannot realize your beautiful ideal because you feel trapped by your surroundings.


123. Being cold is a sign of lacking vigor and vitality, and those who lack enthusiasm and passion cannot do great things.


124. Greed is a psychological disease.


125. Arrogance is a devil’s quality.


126. Stubbornness isa symbol ofrigid thinking.


127. Truth cannot be found in debates and arguments.


128. Cheating is criminal.


129. Suspicion is psychological perversion.


130. Hate is like poisoning yourself and others.


131. Cursing is wizardry and the cursor will become a demon, so do not curse no matter how angry you become.


132. Hate ruins us.


133. Weak spots with defects are the most vulnerable to injury.


134. Praise shows the richness of one’s soul.


135. Belittling others shows the ugliness of one’s soul.


136. Humbleness is the beginning of progress, sublimation, and a pass to heaven.


137. Trust is like honey and distrust is like a knife.


138. As humans, we need to have religious sentiment.


139. Conducting oneself naturally is the greatest beauty.


140. Do not judge others; be careful about conclusive words before they escape your mouth.



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Everything belongs to God.Honesty is the best policy.


147. Love is a state of being; it is like sunshine and flowers blooming.


“Good processes naturally result in good results; if every detail were perfect, then every result would be fruitful.”So every step is very important.