800 Values No.101~200

161. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; little things make big things happen.


162. What we have seen is where we are going. What have we seen?


163. Deliver the best quality in all jobs you do, or do not do them.


164. Do not desire supernatural powers or magic arts; do not pretend to be supernatural to impress others; be your true and natural self.


165. Allow yourself to return to the zero state. Do notclaim  credit for yourself and  become arrogant.


166. Focus on good things and ignore bad things; the law of attraction is magical.


167. If you are very healthy, then nothing can make you sick.


168. Keep Individuality yet blend with commonness.


169. Do not stop when faced with adversity; things might turn around at the next corner.


170. Happiness comes from collective group, joy is  from creation, freedom is earned, and well-being comes from dedication.


171. Do not kidnap, bond, or strangle your loved  ones in the name of love.


172. It is better for others to owe you than for you to owe others; this is how we become free.


173. “Everything is consumed in commotion, but is brought into existence in tranquility, and tranquility is the home of the spirit”. “Tranquility gives birth to wisdom, while commotion breeds fatuity”. You cannot achieve much or go very far without peace of mind.


174. Close one door and many other doors will open for you automatically.


175. It is better to create the future than to dwell in the past.


176. Your stubborn perspectives can be the roots of all your hearts’ problems; your cunning can obstruct the advancement of your enlightenment; to enlighten yourself from the regret of consequences whenever you face perplexity is to compose your mind and make your actions righteous.


177. Those who are keen on nourishing themselves from the meat of birds and other animals will be harmed by their instinct, and those who gain extra advantage from others will be punished by Tao.


178. Men are handsome for their masculinity, and women are beautiful for their femininity; Men with too much femininity and women with too much masculinity are ugly.


179. There is no love or hate without any reason.


180. Money does not grow on trees and there is no free lunch; everything is priced.



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Everything belongs to God.Honesty is the best policy.


147. Love is a state of being; it is like sunshine and flowers blooming.


“Good processes naturally result in good results; if every detail were perfect, then every result would be fruitful.”So every step is very important.