800Values No.501~600


501.The Greatest Creator is the supernatural soul of the universe.



502.Everything traces back to the Greatest Creator:

  • Everything comes from its source; the Greatest Creator is the ultimate source;
  • Every LIFE is at its level; the Greatest Creator is the highest level;
  • Everything is in motion; the Greatest Creator is theoriginal power for all motion;
  • Everything has order; the Greatest Creator is the designer of all order;
  • Everything has spirit; the Greatest Creator is the ultimate source of all spirit.



503. Wuji gave rise to Taiji and Taiji is the Greatest Creator. Taiji came from nature, so nature and the Greatest Creator are one and the same.



504.The Greatest Creator has eight (8) features:







7.Supreme Power

8,Absolute Wisdom



505.The Greatest Creator is:

  • The supreme leader of the universe
  • The master of all gods
  • The nerve centre of the universe
  • The cradle of LIFE
  • The birthplace of wisdom
  • The creator of the universe and of LIFE
  • The driving force of the universe
  • The energy center of the universe
  • The sweet spring in the desert; the beacon in the dense fog
  • The ancestor of Buddha, Allah, Grand Brahma, and heaven



506.The Greatest Creator is not a god. There are many gods in the universe, but the Greatest Creator is exclusive.



507.Jesus Christ is not the Greatest Creator but a god.



508.The relationship between man and the Greatest Creator is the most fundamental of all human relationships.



509.The Greatest Creator never communicates with individuals directly with spoken words. Everything is through the language of the Greatest Creator. Changing phenomena are the dialogues between the Greatest Creator and man. People capable of understanding the “book without words” have direct dialogues with the Greatest Creator.



510.The Greatest Creator never records his will with words, never worries that some deity or demon might usurp his authority, never enters anyone’s mind to grant them special instructions or edifications, and never judges, rewards, or punishes anyone.



511.Where is the Greatest Creator? The entity of the Greatest Creator is at the Zero World, but the spirit of the Greatest Creator pervades everything throughout the universe.

Where is the Zero World? The Zero World is the point of zero in the universal coordinate system through which X, Y, and Z axises all pass through.The twenty (20) parallel worlds are connected at the zero (0) point. As a result, the Greatest Creator exists simultaneously in all twenty (20) parallel worlds, but without the Greatest Creator, none of them would exist.



512.All spiritual wisdom originates from, and all glory remains with the Greatest Creator.



513.It is Tao that governs the universe and the operation of everything in order. Tao is the consciousness and the magical power of the Greatest Creator.



514.The way of nature is the way of the Greatest Creator; the way of the Greatest Creator is the way of nature.



515.The Way of the Greatest Creator has eight major meanings:

  1.  The universe is the product of the consciousness of the Greatest Creator
  2.  Everything comes into being as a result of creation
  3. Everything runs within  the consciousness of the Greatest Creator – Tao
  4. Onemust give play to their nature and conform to nature.
  5. Revere and emulate the Greatest Creator
  6. Reality is the collective projected image of the consciousness of all LIFE forms
  7. Happiness, joy, freedom, and blessings are the theme of LIFE
  8. Everything is but a game


516.The essence of the Way of the Greatest Creator is nature, love, and Tao.

  • Nature is the feature of structure.
  • Love is the feature of energy.
  • Tao is the feature of consciousness.



517.The core of the Way of the Greatest Creator is Tao, to “Reap what you have sown”; if you want to eat cucumbers, then you must sow cucumber seeds in the field. In this way, you will undoubtedly reap cucumbers, and not watermelons or pumpkins. If you deviate from it, you may reap beans from melon seeds or melons from bean seeds. To be less abstract, the seeds of selfishness, greed, jealousy, resentment, ignorance, fatuity, and trickery, will yield different harvests than the seeds you have sown. You may reap beans from melon seeds, or vice versa. Only from the seeds of kindness, honesty, credibility, and unselfishness, can you “reap what you have sown”. In order to do that and realize your dream, you must follow the Way of Nature. If you stray from it, hope will become desperation and comedy will morph into tragedy.



518.The Way of the Greatest Creator is rich in meaning and extensions; it transcends time and space and governs everything. It is so extensive that there is no exterior and so narrow that there is no interior. It operates everything and governs the universe.  

The Way of the Greatest Creator is:

  • The Way of light
  • The Way of creation
  • The Way of LIFE
  • The Way of love
  • The Way of freedom
  • The Way of happiness
  • The Way of magic
  • The Way of holographic order



519.The way of the Greatest Creator is the way of nature, so we must comply with and benefit from nature, while neither conquering nor changing it.



520.There was only one random accident in the universe: the birth of the Greatest Creator. Other than that, all other things are a matter of inevitability; inevitability is the order of the universe and the order of the universe is inevitability. The universe is unified harmoniously by Tao; Tao is law and principle. Everything within the scope of law and principle is inevitable. There are absolutely no coincidences. Coincidence was a link in the chain of inevitability.





  1. “The relationship between man and the Greatest Creator is the most fundamental of all human relationships.”I love the Greatest Creator.

  2. “The way to contact the Greatest Creator is to read the “book without words”, to meditate, and to pray.”Yes, the Greatest Creator is everywhere and everytime.

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