Communal Living Promotes Human Connection

Slowly, people are starting to embrace more intentional lifestyles. One of the ways people are doing this is through communal living.

Another is by giving back to the community. We live in a consumer driven world that promotes selfishness and a focus on things.

Living more intentional takes back that focus. Spending time with family, friends, and building a community is a much more fulfilling use of our time and resources.

Communal Living

This style of living promotes human connection. People young and old are taking notice of communal living and the benefits it provides. Many people in crowded cities live solitary and lonely lives despite being surrounded by people. These communities bring together like-minded people.

This does not mean everyone look and thinks the same. The opposite is usually true. They may share the same goals or life philosophies, but they arrive by different means.

Communal living situations are not cults. They are not cut off from the rest of the community. To the contrary, they may be more engaged. It is a way a group of mostly strangers can live together and share responsibilities and connections.

Many of us experience communal living for the first time in college. Sometimes this was the only time.

Most students live in a dorm at least at some point during their college experience. Students have to learn how to get along with roommates and share common areas. Young people learn how to respect another person’s personal space, how to communicate to resolve issues, and how to share and compromise.

That seems reasonable for college age individuals, but adults need their own place, right? Wrong. Cohousing and communal living have many benefits for all kinds of different people from different age groups. Some families are experimenting with communal living to share the burdens of child rearing. Raising children costs a lot of money.

By sharing resources, parents can cut costs and have the added benefit of additional child rearing support. These communities act as large extended families. Everyone helps everyone.

Millennials are enjoying the more intentional nature of communal living. Living in a home with other motivated individuals acts as an inspiration. These young people get to return home to a house full of people instead of a dark and empty one-room apartment.

Social connection in adulthood sometimes requires more deliberate intention. 

Retirement homes are a great example of communal living. Many older individuals choose to live in these communities where they can stay socially active. Communal living in these circumstances don’t necessarily require the sharing of rooms. There are common living areas and sometimes the availability of cafeteria style eating.

These individuals have medical care available if need, but it is not a nursing home. Senior citizens usually find an increase in health and happiness. Social connection is important for people of all ages.

Giving Back

Another way to live more intentionally is to give back to the community in which you live. These selfless acts usually provide a person with social connections as well. There are many ways to give back to your community.

  • Sometimes it is as simple as offering help to family members. The family is very important but is sometimes taken for granted.
  • You can always volunteer. With the internet, finding a program you connect with is easy. You can devote as much time as you feel comfortable with.
  • Senior citizens sometimes suffer from loneliness. They may have lost loved ones over the years and are not as involved in social events as younger people. Visiting a senior center or nursing home can really lift someone’s spirits.
  • Serve meals to the homeless and unemployed. This is a great way to connect with people in different situations than yourself. Food kitchens are always looking for help. Don’t wait until the holidays to volunteer.
  • Get involved around your neighborhood. Spending more time outside is good for your health and allows you to meet people. Join your neighborhood association. These communities usually have projects you can help with to keep your small community safe and clean.

Being more intentional about your life choices don’t always come easy. Sometimes it is easier to live in misery than to do something about it. New communal living situations set out to bring groups of people together.

Social connections are one of the most important things in life. Helping out your community is another great way to connect with people and be more intentional with your actions.


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  1. Communal living is awesome when a group of people share the same values or philosophy. One’s characters also have chances to be sublimated to a new level through collective life.

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