Glitter boobs, Japanese schoolgirls and a VERY raunchy kissing booth: Inside the Secret Garden festival – a ’48 hour disco’ where thousands of revellers let loose in the forest

The Secret Garden Music Festival took place on a family farm in Camden, just outside Sydney, over the weekend. Legions of punters showed up in eccentric outfits and fancy dress for the event, which celebrated its tenth birthday this year. The two-day festival, which is well-known for its 'fancy dress' element, was a sold out event.

By Gavin Butler For Daily Mail Australia

26 February 2018

Secret Garden Music festival took place on a family farm in Camden, just outside of Sydney over the weekend

The two-day event is well-known for its outlandish outfits and fancy dress, and revellers took to it with gusto

2018 saw the festival celebrating its tenth birthday, with tickets selling out several months before the event

Thousands of rowdy revellers descended upon the Brownlow Hill Farm over the weekend for the annual Secret Garden Music Festival.

The two-day event, located in the countryside around Camden, south-west of Sydney, is well-known for its outlandish outfits.

And the 2018 edition did not disappoint, with punters showing up in gold, glitter and all things garish for what is fast-becoming one of Australia’s most popular dress-up parties.

The Secret Garden Music Festival took place in Camden, Western Sydney over the weekend

Schoolgirls and gym jocks were popular outfit choices

The theme for day one was ‘Secret Garden High School Year 10 Formal’, and festival-goers took to it with gusto.  

Bookworms, gym jocks and Japanese schoolgirls were all in attendance.

The festival is known for its outlandish outfits, and has a growing reputation as one of Australia’s biggest fancy dress parties

A kissing booth, offering a ‘smooch’, a ‘french’ or a ‘three-way’, was one of many extra features at the festival
The fancy dress theme for the first day was ‘Secret Garden High School Year 10 Formal’

In addition to a massive bill of local artists, DJs and performers, the festival also featured a bunch of quirky additions.

A kissing booth, a boxing ring and even a makeshift shack for ‘Bec’s House Party’ were just a few of the extra features enjoyed by festival-goers.

Set this year amongst the lush landscape of the Downes Family Farm in Camden, Secret Garden promotes itself as a ’48 hour forest disco.’

Garish garb is par for the course at Secret Garden Festival

Starting in 2008, this weekend saw the festival celebrating its tenth birthday.

It is frequently a sellout event, with tickets often getting snatched up months ahead of the event

A makeshift boxing ring was another feature, erected in the middle of a bustling dance floor

Festival-goers took to the fancy dress element with gusto, expressing themselves with all manner of outlandish outfits

This year Secret Garden was set amongst the lush hills of the Downes Family Farm
2018 saw the event celebrating its tenth birthday


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