Let us see what our most dedicated Foyi celestial is doing

Written by Xuefeng on Feb 24, 2018

Wherever we are, whether on a barren island or in a desert, Foyi celestial always makes us thrive to create paradises on Earth. What is beyond his abilities? I think he can do anything except give birth to a child…LOL When we were in Vanuatu without any vegetables to eat, he went into the forest and returned with mushrooms and jackfruit. If a car is broken, he will repair it. If we are hungry, he will find food for us. If the road is blocked, he will clear it through.

We divided a room into two smaller ones on the third floor for our members. Why did we divide one room into two? Because each member deserves their own sacred, private space.

Here are some recent pictures of Foyi at work.

Source: http://newoasisforlife.org/new/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=891































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