Joint Announcement from New Oasis for Life, China and Konohana Family, Japan

It is our pleasure to announce to you that the Second Home of Lifechanyuan (herein after referred to as Lifechanyuan ) and Konohana Family, ecovillages that are born in China and Japan, have had conversations with each other through delegates from their communities and have reached the following agreement:

On Nov 11, 2013, as a symbol of harmonizing the East-Asian countries which are ethnic brothers and sisters, Lifechanyuan and Konohana Family have united as one big family. Therefore Lifechanyuan has become the Chinese branch of Konohana Family, and Konohana Family has become the 5th branch of Lifechanyuan. Here after, the affairs of this big family will be discussed by all members of both communities.

The Core values of this big family are:  Revere the Greatest Creator, Revere Life, Revere Nature, and create a system in which human beings, nature and society are able to coexist harmoniously, and become a model for all human beings. We will explore new paths in the areas of building an ecological civilization and sustainable living. Therefore, we identify our lifestyle as highly civilized and absolutely communal. 

“Before cultivating fields, cultivate the soul”. The top priorities of this big family are to purify and beautify each member’s soul, and to achieve high levels of self-sufficiency and sustainability. We will comply with all the terms and laws stipulated in the Charter of the United Nations, and comply with the constitution and laws in each country. We respect the central government and its leaders in each country. However, the most important is not the interests of our individual nations. Instead, we will consider first the interests of all humanity; this will be our main focus. We will continue to strive to unite over a thousand communities in the world into a big international family to finally realize the dream of “One world, one family”.

We hereby announce to the world that we have made this first great step towards realizing the beautiful ideal of creating a united and harmonious world that has always been a dream of human beings.

           Representative of Lifechanyuan                Representative of Konohana Family

                   Xuefeng                                                           Michiyo Furuhashi

 Note: The Second Home of Lifechanyuan was changed to New Oasis for Life Community from Jan 2017.

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