Solemn Annoucement: Lifechanyuan Canada New Oasis for Life Community has Come Into Being Today

By Xuefeng September 29, 2017

It is my honor to announce that the Canada New Oasis for Life is born today on September 29, 2017. This is to the glory of the Greatest Creator – the supreme master and creator of the universe as well as to that of all sages, saints, buddhas, and celestials throughout history. It is a blessing for all celestials of Lifechanyuan and for all current and future generations of people.

Basking in the sacred light of the Greatest Creator and practising the teachings of all buddhas, sages and saints, all Chanyuan celestials have been working hard to present Lifechanyuan internationally. Lifechanyuan has kicked off a new journey. From today onward, the banner of revering LIFE, revering nature,revering the Greatest Creator, and walking on the way of the Greatest Creator will flutter high in the wind until the end of this thousand-year era.

The birth of the Canada New Oasis for Life community marks the beginning of a new era; the Lifechanyuan era has officially raised its curtain. This is the first year of the Lifechanyuan era; the universe, weather, nature, societies, individuals, and collective groups will all evolve toward its manifestation. Boundaries will disappear and everyone will move freely across the world and the era that we have all been dreaming about will gradually come into fruition.

The Canada New Oasis for Life community is currently on ten(10) acres of farmland and has a beautiful residence. With the development of the community, we will produce farms, gardens, a hotel, an entertainment center, and an exhibition center. This will be the birthplace of a big international family. Based on Canada’s culture diversity and its rich natural resource, there will be between one hundred and three hundred people with different skin colour coming from a variety of religions, cultures, nations, and ethnic groups happily living here together in the future. Lifechanyuan will establish a brand new life mode which is completely different from the traditional one.

We wish all who are keen to dedicating themselves to the sustainable development of human future do your bit to grow with this New Oasis community. We currently have a Bed & Breakfast to accommodate our guests and your visit and stay will support this great cause. Reservations are required to stay here. We very much welcome your visit and wish we can spend some time together to share our values and ideas.

“Could I get mansions covering ten thousand miles,
I’d house all scholars poor and make them beam with smiles.
In wind and rain these mansions would stand like mountains high.”
living in the nature and far away from the noise of dense traffic.
You ask me how I feel now, in my ears are the sounds of wind, rain and waves.
“I pick chrysanthemums under the eastern hedge,
And far away to the south I can see the mountains”
Geese flying over sunset and pure souls go to paradise.


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