Life in the New Oasis of Canada (2)

Written by Xuefeng on November 24, 2017
(Translated by Xidai and Edited by Kaer)

I began today by shooting some pictures in the morning at the New Oasis. The sun’s glow burned intensely in the east; it was beautiful!

After breakfast and lunch, we shot some pictures in the rooms.

The dishes that Ehuang celestial made were works of pure art. Here are some pictures of them.

Though it is winter, our rooms are warm. You can see our garlic sprouts. These little vegetables are growing every day and bringing vitality to the Oasis.

It is so good to live in Canada. Life here is very peaceful and auspicious. Tongxin celestial said that this has been the most comfortable winter she has ever experienced.













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4 years ago

A life of vitality,a beautiful picture of vegetables.

4 years ago

Everything is full of enery in the New Oasis.

4 years ago

There are Xuefeng and chanyuan celestials in the place, must be full of harmonious warmth and happiness!