Lifechanyuan International Family Thailand Branch Starts

Started in March 2019, Lifechanyuan International Family Thailand Branch locates in the suburb of Chiang Mai city, Thailand. It is a 6.6 acres big land, with lots of banana trees, a small lake, and a wild hill. The previous name of this farm is “Mindful Garden”, belongs to Pi Nan who is a sincere and merciful spiritual cultivator and an organic farmer. Pi Nan is also a former Thai monk and he lives with his parter Noriko and daughter at an organic farm- Mindful farm. In his farm, he welcomes volunteers from all over the world, they cook, work, and share the responsibility and happiness of the temporarily community together. After knowing about Lifechanyuan Values and the unique life mode of us, Pi Nan resonates with the vision of Lifechanyuan International Family very much, and invites us to build a Thailand Branch on the land.

On March 10th, the first member from Lifechanyuan China arrived Chiang Mai, and started the work of preparing and building a new branch here. In the next five months, altogether 15 members have gone to Chiang Mai to support the work of designing and building a new branch. Brothers and sisters from Lifechanyuan China contributed their heart, passion, and energy into it, cooperate with Pi Nan and local people, open the charpter of this beautiful new branch.


Original feature: first member  arrived the farm in March 2019 

a small lake

Vegetable Garden

the kitchen

View from the hill

Banana and Papaya trees

Local lovely boy Phu and Huiguang  

Exchange with Pinan

 working in the vegetable garden

Build a bamboo bathroom

Brothers are working hard

The frame of the house comes out

An interesting game to play with

Sit on and feel the freshness!

Bamboo material bought from the market

The blue sky brings good mood

Invite the neighbors to have dinner 

Enjoy delicious Chinese food!

“I love the feeling!”

Flourishing garden two months later

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