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Reported by Qianzi on Jan 29, 2024
Under the clear blue sky, where clouds drift with the wind, our serene courtyard is adorned with the melodious chirping of birds. The garden boasts a vibrant display of flowers – purple, red, and various hues competing to bloom. The butterfly dances gracefully, and the longevity flowers add a brilliant touch to the atmosphere. The eagerly awaited fireworks flowers, nurtured for a year, now shower the surroundings with their fragrance and warmth, akin to a waterfall of enthusiasm.
During this blossoming season, the Thai Home welcomes Lanka brother. Quiet and gentle, Lanka exudes a simple and humble demeanor, with a childlike innocence reflected in his warm smile. After five months of online communication with community members, Lanka became the first international member to join our life here. In these days, Lanka has joined in activities like pumpkin planting, leaf collection, and assisting in constructing a framework for a composting toilet. His diligent and earnest efforts have earned him recognition and affection from everyone.
The day before Lanka’s arrival, Irish girl Orla visited us, and together we planted pumpkins, cucumbers, and long beans. Orla expressed she would like to join our value class, and during the class, hosted by Jiao E, translated by Hui Guang ,Lifechanyuan and second home were introduced for Lanka and Orla. It was the first time experiencing the atmosphere of an international family during our value class.
Orla spent delightful four days in the community. As she departed, we welcomed a couple from Wales, Laura and Alex. With years of volunteering experience on various farms, their clear goal was to assist us in various planting tasks.
Yesterday, their expertise shone as they pruned tomato plants, and I am happy to learn new cultivation knowledge from them.

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