Report from the Thai Branch (July 2019)

Written by Yangle, Translated by Baobei, Edited by Kaer
After returning from Mindful farm, Huiyi purchased the building materials for a bamboo house, and arranged recent works here, then returned to China to apply for a one-year student visa in the afternoon of 19th of this month.

Our two architects Zhaoming and Shujie, devoted themselves to the construction of the next bamboo house. Qianlong, Zhishi and Qianmo also began to repair the road between the highway and our home. During this time, besides Nebida -the Indian girl who followed us, two volunteers came to visit our farm. One was David, an American boy who drove from Mindful Farm the next day, and the other is an Australian boy, who wanted to experience life here, beginning on the following day.

Currently, we have a lot of deweeding to do on the hillside. Tongxin went to Chiengmai to buy a new lawn mower yesterday, and Phu- the Thai boy who settles down in Mindful Farm will begin to mow weeds as the job he likes.

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