Renovating the Kitchen at the Thai Branch

Written by Tongxin, Translated by Baobei, Edited by Kaer
The kitchen of Thai branch was just a shabby old shed in March, without necessary baffles or a secure foundation. It looked messy and disorderly .
We began dismantling it and renovating it on September twenty-fifth.. Foyi designed it   and offered his guidance on site, while Kaisheng, Huiguang, Diqiu, Zhishi and Qianmo participated in its construction. It took them one week to pull down the old shed, build up the new framework, and cover the new structure with tiles. Ninety percent of the new kitchen was built with materials from the old shed and only a few new pieces of wood and tiles were added. We now have a new, worthy kitchen on the farm. The new kitchen was activated after its renovation. We had laid a cement floor and made it look clean, bright, roomy, and neat, which elevated our levels of happiness to new heights.
Water in the pond has been purified after the rainy season, which is used for bathing and washing clothes, vegetable after filtering it three times. Drinking water and cooking water is derived from rainwater or is purchased from the village. In addition, we did mowing on the hillside, grew vegetable field, and maintained the bamboo houses. The neatness and beauty of the environment reflects the neatness and beauty of our soul. Our goal is to transform this little oasis into a place that everyone who lives here can feel pleased, comfortable and joyous.
The original appearance of the old kitchen in March 2019
The original appearance of the old kitchen in March 2019

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