Lifechanyuan International Big Family Begins its Journey

Written by Huiyi, Translated by Baobei, Edited by Kaer
Everything is currently running orderly and along its way in the Thai branch under the guidance of Lifechanyuan values; with the experience and baptism of many years of living in the New Oasis for Life, all of our brothers and sisters are doing great teamwork together. Each person has their tasks to do in line with building our home. Diqiu is a good planner and thinker and strives constantly to deliver the best quality work that he can to perfection; once he establishes a goal, he carries it out immediately. Huiguang always offers his support whenever he is needed and he seems to be able to overcome any problem; with his ability to speak both Thai and English, he is a treasure in the Thai branch. Qianzi is diligent, capable, careful, and brave enough to take on many responsibilities; she performed so well when she introduced some foreign volunteers to Lifechanyuan that she won their applause even though it was her first time doing this. Yaoming is our dearest member and is in charge of both the vegetable field and the kitchen; her delicious food always gains praise from volunteers and makes their mouths water.
In our first formal reception yesterday afternoon, Pinan, who owns both “Mindful Farm” and the land that we lease for our branch, gave tours of our branch to volunteers from Britain, Germany, Israel, and Taiwan. After greeting each other warmly, he showed them where they would be staying overnight. We arranged the rooms with two people in each one, and Qianzi made up the beds and hung mosquito nets over each. We chatted while peeling the peanuts in the kitchen together with the volunteers until it was time to eat. Pinan proposed actively that we offer an introduction of Lifechanyuan to the volunteers after dinner. These volunteers enjoyed learning new things and agreed happily. Qianzi made a prompt preparation and began her lecture. Please enjoy these pictures.
Pinan has expressed many times that whenever he visits our branch, he wishes that he could remain because being here always leaves him feeling relaxed and happy; he identifies with Lifechanyuan values and wants to be one of us but is trapped in the program of a traditional family, so he still needs some time for the opportunity to apply to become a celestial.
The next day, Pinan took the volunteers to sort out a woodland plot and give simple demonstrations on how to grow bananas, avocados, mangoes, and jackfruit on some hills, which we plan to grow soon. He hopes that these fruit trees will increase our income and help us to realize self-sufficiency. After lunch, they took a short break and prepared to leave. The volunteers said that they could sense beauty in our hearts and souls, praised us for our excellent quality, and said that they enjoyed their short but wonderful day with us and that they would like to experience it again if the chance comes.
This was the first time that we introduced foreign volunteers to Lifechanyuan at the Thai branch and exposed them to our values. Although we are still very young and inexperienced, we have taken our first steps. We believe everything will run more smoothly in the future and we are confident that our International Big Family will prosper very soon.

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