The Second Visit to Thaton Temple

Reported by Qianzi Celestial on Sep 8th, 2020
Five members of Thai branch,  except Huiguang stayed to look after everything at home, the other four members Huiyi, Huanxin, Yangle, and Qianzi went to visit the Thaton Temple again, accompanied with our neighboring temple master and international friends David and Noy.
The owner of  Thaton temple, who is a kind, merciful, open-minded master monk, took us to visit his ecovillage in construction. He has about 100 students and 150 young monks before, run a school for teaching them skills and knowledge, and let them participate in construction sometimes. In this ecovillage, we saw some students and young monks participating in building. The collective labor atmosphere is inspiring and makes us eager to join.
The living house that the master carefully prepared for us was well-equipped, clean and tidy. And the 4 acres of planting land given to us is fertile and has a steady stream of spring water. Providing all the necessary materials for daily life and construction, the master allows us to produce and live in accordance with our own values and lifestyle. When we expressed our gratitude to him for his generous support, he said that everything came from donations of good-hearted people. He just gave these donations back to those in need and did good and meaningful things to benefit more.
Chanyuan celestial have built 13 communities so far. No matter where our members go, to China, Thailand or Canada, we work hard, do selfless dedication and try to make the place a beautiful and hamonious paradise. This is our mission. We are grateful to have such a good opportunity to start a new ecovillage here, and  of course, we will surely try our best to bloom our beautiful quality and display our greatest value.
Due to the impact of the global epidemic, celesials from China are temporarily unable to enter the country, and the first branch of Thailand needs someone to stay behind, so we decided to let Yangle and Qianzi to stay first, cooperated with international friends David and Noy to participate in the preparatory work of starting the second branch in Thai. We are also look forward to the coming members from China to participate and support the creation as we proceed.

Take a look at this lovely place and its environment!

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