800Values No. 601~700

681.Words of Tathagata are real and true. They are ultimate; neither deceitful nor heterodox. The Dharma the Tathagata has obtained is neither real nor unreal. It possesses human eyes, deva eyes, wisdom eyes, Dharma eyes, and Buddha eyes and is so named because Buddha is as he is, coming from nowhere and going to nowhere.



682.Everything with form is unreal. If all forms are seen as unreal, then Tathagata will be perceived.



683.“All Bhadras and Aryas differ because of the Eternal Asamskrta Dharma.”



684.All rules are Buddha’s rules, and yet all rules are not Buddha’s rules; Buddha has no set rules; Buddha’s rules always vary according to the situation. So-called Buddha’s rules, are non-Buddha’s rules.



685.Never believe that you can, “liberate living beings”; “you cannot save a fish from drowning in water”.



686.“Those who see my outward appearance and seek me in sound, tread the heterodox path, and cannot perceive Tathagata.”



687.Buddha has no mind; Buddha is nature. An enlightened heart is perceptive of nature; perceptive of Buddha.



688.Without the perception of nature, one will always be bewildered and seek others’ help but never find Buddha; without it, even those who can explain the creed of The Twelve Classics only say demonic words; without it, it is impossible to obtain the way of Buddha; without it, even praying for Buddha, reciting sutra, chanting mantras, making vigorous effort, building or repairing temples, offering and sustaining, freeing captive animals, kowtowing, and burning incense, one still cannot become Buddha.



689.Give homage to the perfection of wisdom, the lovely, the holy! Avalokita, the Holy Lord, and Bodhisattva were moving in the deep course of wisdom which has gone beyond. He looked down from high above; He beheld but five heaps; He saw that they were empty in their own-being.



690.Form is emptiness, the very emptiness is form; emptiness does not differ from form, form does not differ from emptiness; whatever is emptiness is form. The same is true for feelings, perceptions, impulses, and consciousness.



691.All dharmas are emptiness; they are neither produced nor stopped, defiled nor immaculate, and neither deficient nor complete.



692.In emptiness, there is:

  • No form, feeling, perception, impulse, or consciousness
  • No seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, or thinking
  • No decaying and dying; no end of decaying and dying
  • No suffering, origination, stopping, or path
  • No attainment or nonattainment



693.Rely on the perfection of wisdom, expose your mind, and it will be entirely free from worry; thusly, you will overcome all fear and all that upsets you, and ultimately attain Nirvana.



694.Those who rely on the perfection of wisdom are fully enlightened.



695.Gone, gone,gone beyond,gone completely beyond,praise to awakening.



696.Life is a journey of LIFE in the human world, what is heard and seen during the journey is an illusion; indulging in the illusion gives an abyss of misery, while escaping from the illusion takes you to heaven.



697.Dreams are illusions, but we rarely indulge them; life is an illusion, so why do we indulge it unconsciously? When we awaken, our dreams disappear; when our life is over, the illusion of life will disappear.



698.Nature has been polluted, but who are its worst polluters? Who has polluted nature more seriously, the poor or the wealthy? Is it not those who possess the most wealth who harm nature the most? The more we take from nature, the more we go into debt; debt which must be paid off. Those who are in debt must pay their debts; nobody can transfer them or substitute for them, nor should they be allowed to.



699.Across thousands years of civilization, who have been the most unselfish people? They were Jesus Christ, Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu, and Mother Teresa. Therefore, it is right to follow their teachings.



700.Feeling happy is the most important thing in life. First you are happy, then you are a celestial being. What can lead to happiness? Being philosophical and enlightened!

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