A Special End of 2021

The 2nd branch of Thailand:
The top of the passion fruit shelf was a little low, and people felt depressed when walking in. Yang Le collected bamboos, raised the passion fruit shelf and trimmed the old branches that had finished fruiting by the way. Walking below the re-elevated shelf again, we feels bright and comfortable, and there is a kind of freedom of visiting the picking garden. Under the shelf, in addition to passion fruit, we planted cucumbers and beans.
Collecting cow dung to make compost, transplanting small Chinese cabbages, adding fertilizer to vegetable plots and gardens, transplanting fruit trees and flower trees grown in nursery rooms to the ground, breeding strawberries and other tasks will not be reported in detail, everyone can watch the photos . It’s worth mentioning that the compost that Yangle piled up in the nursery pond half a year ago has now been decomposed into black granules. I mixed the organic compost and coconut shavings together and added them to the vegetable plot in front of the kitchen. A few days later, celery, leeks, and small greens are obviously growing taller and stronger, which makes us very happy.
In addition to doing things by ourselves, we used a dump truck to help Abbot transport compost for two days, and he wanted to fertilize various small trees in the yard. Abbot also asked us and the Chinese brother to carry tiles on the eighth floor of the temple. These tiles are enshrined by ordinary people in Thailand, and each piece is written with blessings or the name of the worshipper! After the work is completed, we have a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful and open scenery on the eighth floor.
On the 18th, we participated in the year-end Party, Gifts from heart held by GENOA online. After appreciating the guitar playing and singing from Taiwan, Japan, and Australia, as well as the recitation of poetry, Yang Le also presented a gift and shared a video with everyone. Our spiritual guide sang the magical Second Home, Huiyi in the first branch, Yang Le, and Qianzi sang together in the second branch. It shows the peaceful and beautiful scene of life in our community, and the praise of life by the people living in it. There are more than 20 people participating in the party, each of them is sincere, friendly and kind. Everyone has a common ideal, and they work together for the common ideal, encourage and support each other. Several more emotional friends started to cry when they told their inner words, as if they had been alone for a long time and finally returned to the warm family. In the end, Qian Zi also played a melody “Big Fish” on the ocarina, expressing her love and gratitude to her brothers, sisters and the big warm family.
We invited Philippe to dinner on Christmas 25th. Philippe has donated washing machine, lawn mower, various seeds and flowers to us, and sometimes comes to help mowing the grass. He has been enthusiastic about helping and supporting our community construction. We are very happy to have the opportunity to entertain him. He is a vegetarian, and the ingredients we use are all vegetables and fruits grown in our own land: eggplant, tomatoes, loofah, beans, leeks, fennel, Thai melon, passion fruit, roselle, eggs, etc. We prepared dumplings and Chinese traditional dishes, and made rosella and passion fruit juice. We talked while eating from five to eight in the evening. During the chat, we learned more about Philippe’s inner world. He especially loves animals, because animals are directly innocent and will not deceive. He pays great attention to focusing on his inner self. If there is a problem, don’t look for answers outside. He believes that everything he encounters in reality is caused by his own consciousness, so he keeps his inner joy. He doesn’t like personal private ownership. Everything in the universe is giving. It should not emphasize personal possession and acquisition. He hopes that there are no national boundaries, people from all over the world can move freely on the earth, and he believes that Eastern and Western cultures have similarities. During the meal, he praised and encouraged us generously , and thanked us again and again for the invitation. He said that he was very happy to spend a wonderful and warm time with us. We are also very happy to share fruits of our labour to express our gratitude to our like-minded and selfless friend.

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