Many Thanks to Our French Friend Philips

Reported by Qianzi celestial 
January 16, 2022
The 2nd branch of Thailand:
We have built 13 communities in China, and each community has a clean,tidy and beautiful environment. Cleanliness is one of the great virtues of our community. The beautiful and orderly living environment makes people feel comfortable, full of energy and relaxed . Although the nursery room here has been used, I have not taken time to clean it thoroughly. In order to make the nursery room a part of our beautiful homeland, with the help of Yangle, we began to make a reorganization in the nursery room. Clean up the surrounding broken stone benches and bricks, as well as weeds and garbage, and transport away the disorderly tires and the soil inside, and planed to make the nursery a beautiful place for friends to visit.
Our French friend Philips needs to take care of the plants in his own garden, so he has very little time to help us with the work in the second branch lately. He brought over his animal-shaped hedge trimmers and lawn mowers for us to use, and bought us more than 40 bags of vegetable seeds. Since we were here last year, Philips has always been helping us, donating washing machine, tools, seeds etc., and sometimes sharing his favorite food with us.Every time he comes to us,he tells us,if we need anything, just tell him,he would be very glad to help.We are so touched and grateful for such warm help and selfless dedication.Before he left, we gave him a bag of compost and four strawberry seedlings. Yangle told him that if his plants need more compost, just come here to pick up, and we will keep making compost all the time.


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