Baichuan and Taixian Arrives our Home

Reported by Qianzi Celestial on Jan 10, 2023

The successive arrival of Baichuan and Taixian has injected powerful energy into the Thailand branch. Baichuan has a heart of selfless dedication to the homeland. Her arrival brings a more stable feeling to the Thai homeland. Taixian is hardworking, as a successful entrepreneur, good at contacting contacts, integrating resources and planning various landscapes, fruit forests, exhibition halls, etc. According to the existing building facilities of Abbot, he contacted a doctor friend with both ability and political integrity to take over the empty hospital here, and measured and planned the entire garden and mango orchard. He hoped that Thai Homeland could gradually build and manage this garden independently in the future, to help achieve Abbot’s wish as much as possible. According to the plan, Baichuan is responsible for the drawing. At present, he has completed the general plan of the Organic fruit Garden and the rendering of the gate.

Our friend Chilean monk lived and worked in his homeland for nearly a week, and felt relaxed and happy, especially relieved his persistent headache symptoms, which made him want to continue to integrate into the life of our community and learn more about Lifechanyuan values. He wonders, as a monk whether he can apply to become Chanyuan celestial.


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