Daily Prayer as Facing COVID-19

Written by Xuefeng on January 26, 2020

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)


Heaven knows me;

All gods understand me;

Heaven and Earth watch my actions.


Though the Plague god emerges, I remain at peace;

Natural laws show the justice of clear rewards and punishments;

Whether I receive blessings or disasters is up to the gods.


With no fear from my merits or faults;

Neither complaining nor hating, as all result from Karma;

Even the Sun and Moon must run along their trajectories.


I pray for the Greatest Creator’s forgiveness;

I repent all my faults sincerely and no more wrongdoings;

Surely, I will follow you if I can pass through this trial.


No more destroying living beings or craving worldly delights;

I will treat as I expect to be treated and protect all life; 

I feel the pain of other beings and revere LIFE.

No longer losing my temper, but treating everyone with kindness;

Far from anger, taking all things as they are, and following my destiny;

Always dealing kindly with predestined relationships, releasing all karma, and defusing all resentment.


Neither fighting nor robbing, I will believe in the justice of Dao

Neither stealing nor swindling, I will be frank and righteous

Not involving with illicit sexual relations, I will shield my mind and body with kindness and goodness.


I will never have an ego, never bully or control the weak, nor gain extra advantage;

I will be just and abide by laws without any desire for that which is not mine.


I will never produce impure or poisonous things;

I will keep my mind clear and bright and be faithful to my words at all times;

I will never gather moveable property, but keep my mind clean.


Revering gods and Buddha, my path will be smooth and bright;

Listening to Saints and Celestials, adversity will become prosperity;

With virtue, my blessings will always exceed my desires.


Never again, will words from my mouth hurt others;

No more steps will be taken along evil paths;

All of my mind’s thoughts will be based on love for all beings.


I will conduct myself honestly;

Once the roots are established, the path will lead straight

Devine meshes are large but with no gaps

Gods shall test my heart and crumble my bones if I do evil again


As I pray more to the Ancestor of Buddha

Show me pity and keep the plague from my doorstep

I will be righteous as I pray for all gods to bless me.


I will observe Lifechanyuan values and follow the Guide’s lead

And associate with celestials to elevate my LIFE towards heaven;

My heart is now clear, pure, quiet, joyous,
and with gratitude and a bright future ahead

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