Everything is Transparent and Members Have Full Freedom To Leave — Series of the Bright Spots (18)  

Written by Yixian on January 28, 2014

 (Translated by Conglong and Edited by Kaer)

There is nothing to hide in the Second Home, all things are published on our websites, and we keep no secrets.

The core principles of the Second Home are to revere the Greatest Creator, life, and nature, and to walk on the way of the Greatest Creator.

The objectives of the Second Home are to initiate a new life mode for people and to bring them into a new era where they can enjoy happy, joyful, free, and blessed lives.

All permanent members of the Second Home must be Chanyuan celestials who have learned Chanyuan values and are willing to follow the teachings of our spiritual guide.

The objectives for Chanyuan celestials who participate in the building of our community are to purify their souls, pay their debts, accumulate wealth  in heaven, and to replace their human consciousnesses  with those of celestial beings so that one day they will be able to reach the summit of life and LIFE, which is to travel along happy, joyful, free, and blessed life journeys, and also to sublimate their LIVES to the higher levels life spaces – the Thousand Year World, Ten Thousand Year World, and the Elysium World.

The Second Home follows the “800 Values for New Human Beings”. These values are made known to everyone. There are eight cultures in the community, and the details are also published for the public. The time, location, and contents of community group study meetings and weekly community meetings are transparent as well.

We also publish almost everything about the community on our websites with explanations of words and pictures, such as how we live, what we do, and how we play.

Our financial matters are also quite transparent, for example, where the income of the community comes from. Every donation from Chanyuan celestials is published on the community’s internal website.

The guests, their backgrounds, and their purposes for visiting are also transparent to every member.

Normally, the community does not accept visiting guests who are not Chanyuan celestials. The reason is that we want to maintain the purity of the community, which does not mean that we intend to keep anything secret.

The fact that most Chanyuan celestials do not want to return home has caused misunderstandings from their family members who think that we must be limiting our members’ personal freedoms and not allowing them to leave. This is not true, the fact is they like the community so much that they do not want to leave.

Cellphones and the Internet are freely available for Chanyuan celestials to connect with the outside world. Whoever meets our criteria can apply to live in the community and, if for any reason they choose to leave, they can do so at anytime.

The community is also open for journalists to interview us, and for investigation by all levels of the government. It also welcomes other social groups to visit us and share thoughts with us. Our community life is constantly reported to the public in a totally truthful way.


what’s for dinner?(1)


what’s for dinner?(2)


what’s for dinner?(3)


Who’s coming home?


How to keep warm?


How to do laundry?


What are you doing?(1)


What are you doing?(2)


What are you doing?(3)


What are you doing?(4)


What are you doing?(5)


What are you doing?(6)


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  1. Everybody has full freedom to leave. But the rate of leaving is very low, less than 5% during the past seven and half years.

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