Prepare for the Rain Season

Reported by Qianzi celestial and edited by Tongxin
July 6th, 2021
the 2nd Branch of Thailand:
The rainy season in Chiang Mai has arrived, it is plenty of rain in the 2nd branch. Hui Yi ,Yangle and brother gardener are digging drainage ditch recently. They are two handsome brothers with optimistic and romantic sentiments,  with responsibility and pleasure no matter what they do. The smiles on their face express they were enjoying the sweetness of labor work. In addition to digging drains, they also help in construction.  Two  houses near the coffee shop are in building now.
Huiguang and Huanxin’s main job is to follow the Thai sister Pi Lu‘s plan to plant flowers in the yard. The Gesang flowers and other flowers full in the garden are the result of their hard work. In addition, Huiguang is also responsible for repairing including the facilities in the room, water, and electricity, making clothes racks, hanging curtains and mosquito nets, etc. We are very grateful to to have him, who makes our life much more convenient.  Sister Huanxin, who is hardworking and selfless, do the laundry and cleaning rooms apart from her labor work every day. With everyone’s wholehearted devotion,  we can have a pleasant life, and enjoy the relaxation and comfort brought by our brothers and sisters, by this new life mode.
The host monk expresses several times that he hopes us can stay here for a long time, and promises that when more brothers and sisters come, the yard will be handed over to us for management. This is really precious trust. We are grateful and cherish this chance very much, so we will continue working hard and fully cooperate to achieve the wish of the host monk, our dear Abbot!

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