Illnesses are Decreasing and Crimes are Disappearing—Series of the Bright Spots (7)

Written by Yixian on January 21, 2014

(Translatedby Conglong and Edited by Kaer)

The thing that everyone worries about most is “having illness”. If we do not have money, we can still be happy, but when we get sick, not only do we need to spend money on medical bills, but we also need to bear the pain of the illness, and this is especially true for the elderly. It is always better for the old to not have illness because as one advances in years and the physical body ages naturally, it becomes increasingly difficult to recover.

There are many reasons why people get sick, but the most common ones are fatigue and anger, or both. However, due to the stresses and anxieties in life, it is impossible for one tomaintain a constant, happy mood or keep ones labor to a moderate level. So, as many have said, “The unhappy things in one’s life are nine tenths”

In traditional family life, things are actually that way, but in the Second Home, it is “the happy things in one’s life are nine tenths, and the unhappy things are one tenth”, because the Second Home has guaranteed each member’s shelter, meals, accommodations, transportation, birth, illness and so on. One can adjust their workload according to their physical condition, however, neither laziness nor trick playing are allowed, nor is excessive work. Having a moderate amount of labor is good for health. In the mean time, with the beautification of each member’s soul garden, and each one bringing the good qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, trust, and honesty into full play and only praising others without blaming them, everyone can maintain a happy mood.

“The root of anillness comes from one’s soul”. The happy ones and those with perfect souls do not normally get sick, so the celestials who live in the Second Home feel happier and happier as their souls become more perfect, those who were ill have gradually recovered, those who were weak have become stronger, those who had eating disorders are to enjoying food, and many people’s “beer bellies”have disappeared.

In the Second Home, everyone breathes fresh air, drinks pure spring water, and eats the fresh vegetables picked from our gardens. There are also delicious meals cooked by loving chefs and our supply of chicken eggs and duck eggs (average: three eggs, per person, per day) is more than we can consume. The environment in which we live is very clean and tidy with flowers scenting and birds twittering. Each member participates in laboring but does not work too much, and each one has a private bedroom which ensures the absolute relaxation of their bodies and souls and it also ensures the quantity and quality of their sleep. There are also many games and entertainment events in the Second Home, and each member can not only enjoy the happiness of their lives, but we each become more open-minded, generous, and become much less afraid of sacrificing our own personal interests. We do not worry about our difficulties because we know that life is only a journey and a game.

The new lifestyle of the Second Home can improve its members’ health, and this is workable and can be proven in reality. One celestial who had cancer last year has almost recovered, and another one who was suffering from gall stones has recovered without having surgery. There is also a celestial who has been suffering from enteritis for several years, but is now getting better and better, and a few celestials who had hypertension, high blood pressure, now have smiles on their faces everyday. Two seniors who are each more than eighty years old are getting healthier and have sufficient stamina to not only work in the vegetable garden, but also to saw firewood for the kitchen.

The magic part of the Second Home is that everyone loves each other and gets along with everyone in harmony. We revere the Greatest Creator, life, and nature. We walk on the way of the Greatest Creator. Each member comes to cultivate themselves and improve their LIFE quality, therefore, each one is trying to bring happiness, joy, and freedom to others while showing their own sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, trust, and honesty. Each member is contributing their time, money, talents, wisdom, and abilities to serve the community and make it better as they also accumulate merits for themselves. So how could crimes happen in this kind of home? They cannot! In this home, illnesses are decreasing and crimes have disappeared.

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  1. Illnesses are Decreasing and Crimes are Disappearing, this is what happened in the New life mode of New Oasis for Life community.
    Live in a happy harmonious community family is super healthy and good for the elderly to have a worry-free and warm life after their retirement.

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