Irannian Visitor Ali Experiences Lifechanyuan’s New Life Mode

Reported by Qianzi Celestial on March 25, 2023
Recently, an Iranian visitor came to the Thai branch of the Lifechanyuan International Family through the Workaway website. The visitor, Ali, was attracted by a beautiful sentence from our spiritual guide that Ying Le quoted on the Workaway homepage: “Those who truly pursue the free and happy life of themselves and human beings, and those who sincerely explore the truth of LIFE and the universe, come, let us feel the beauty of life to the fullest, and bravely sail in the ocean of truth.” He said he wanted to come to the community to help with gardening work and hoped to meet the person who wrote such a beautiful sentence.
Ali is hardworking, simple, and capable. He helped chop bamboo and build tomato trellises, pick roselle, and even collected cow dung and gathered leaves to cover mango trees in the orchard. He has a quiet and introverted personality, loves children and animals, and is worried that his freedom will be restricted, so he chooses not to marry. He is dissatisfied with traditional life and work and chooses to travel. As a Muslim, he does not like the rules and regulations of religion. He believes that people’s minds become ill under authoritarian rule. He has spiritual pursuits and meditates to find inner peace and liberation. After reading some of the 800 Values for New Era Human Beings, he asked us some questions about his inner doubts, and Hui Guang had a deep conversation with him about the values and explained the three elements of the universe and the true essence of Life sublimation. Bai Chuan introduced our spiritual guide Xuefeng(the founder of Lifechanyuan) to him, which made him admire the spiritual guide very much and he hopes to visit him someday.
He left reluctantly and wondered why the Chanyuan family is living so happily and freely every day. Yu Lin recommended that he visit our English website to read about the values and articles after leaving and seek our help if he has any questions about the values.

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