Dalong Master and His friends Come to Visit

Reported by Qianzi on July 9th, 2020

Dalong master , from whom we learned bonesetting massage in his community a month ago, came to visit to us twice in one month. We showed them around in the blooming garden, our bamboo houses, and the vege garden. They liked our place very much.  For the first time we talked about our spiritual Guide Xuefeng is an angel coming to earth to harvest “the ripe crops”, looking for lives coming down on the earth from heaven and taking them back home. So when he came to us for the second time, he said, “I bring friends to see people from other planets.” He is also a mathematical diviner. He read for us, and found out we are from other spaces, not belong to the human world. Haha, I Think we must leave a very special  and interesting impression on him.

Visits: 41

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