Making a Compost Box and Organizing the Orchard

Reported by Huiguang Celestial on March 8, 2022
The weather in chiangmai was like fire recently and our hearts were full of enthusiasm .
I made a compost box with wood and steel tiles and covered it with advertising canvas to avoid rust. Cement boards is not good choice because they crack easily.
Hui Yi did a lot of work on tidying up after mowing the grass on the hill for 2 to 3 months. The garden is full of various fruit trees and plants, but it is messy. So he reduced the number of banana trees, and moved some coconut trees. And then cleaned the thorny shrubs that covered the sides of the pond. It’s not easy, but he’s just like a soldier.
Huan Xin’s main job is growing the vegetables and cooking ,washing ,cleaning. Everyday and every night, with a smile and with love. She ‘s an angel.
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