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Reported by Qianzi celestial on Sep 11th, 2020
Punpun is a widely known organic farm and learning center in north of Thailand.They practice sustainable living through seed saving, natural building (earth building)and appropriate technology.They around 20 members live togehther as a community and share their lives,meals and work.
We met the cofounder of punpun Jonjandai,who is a peaceful, wise and simple peasant and earthen house architect as well. “Joy is the most important thing.
Life is easy, why do we make it so hard.
Learning by doing.
“Mistakes” are simply opportunities for more learning.”
I really agree with and appreciate his philosophy.
Due to too much rain this year, there are not many vegetables growing in the fields, but the ducks are so cute and I also admire the beautiful natural and practical earthen houses.



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