Visitors from Four Countries!

Reported by Qianzi Celestial on Feb 24, 2024
Under the radiant sun and warming temperatures, cattle and horses leisurely bask in the sunlight, while leaves gently cascade through the air, carried by a tender breeze filled with coolness and nostalgia. In the distance, the towering mountains stand as silent guardians, accompanied by the serene blue sky and blissful white clouds. Everywhere exudes a warm, harmonious, pure, and beautiful atmosphere, where the fragrance of flowers and the melody of birds intertwine, creating a heavenly paradise filled with love.
The magnificent mother hen has once again hatched eight adorable chicks, their fluffy presence melting our hearts. Brother Yang Le’s injured foot has healed, and his diligent figure never ceases to move around the home. Brother Huiguang, with his admirable effort, installed an irrigation system for the vegetable garden, relieving Brother Qudan from the laborious task of manual watering.
This week, Thailand Home warmly welcomed four visitors: Gabrie from Brazil, Mahayana from Israel, and the American couple, Tom and Jen. Gabrie, the Brazilian lady, embraces a spiritual lifestyle. Through personal experience and learning, she has become a practitioner of reiki healing, somewhat resembling Chinese Qigong. Despite expressing her intention to marry and start a family in the future, during an interview with Brother Hui Guang, she spoke highly of and expressed admiration for our new way of life. She believes that many Western youth would be interested in our lifestyle.
This charming and vibrant lady spent four days in the community, teaching us the lively Brazilian dance. In return, the sisters shared with her the graceful Chinese dance. Together, we made dumplings and Brazilian sweets, singing and dancing in joyful harmony. These days were filled with excitement, immersed in the novelty of cultural fusion and the happiness of dance parties. To bid farewell to the Brazilian girl, Jiao E organized a game activity for everyone, with different games bringing endless joy.
Mahayana, the Israeli lady, learned about Lifechanyuan and Thailand Home through Yang Le’s introduction in the WhatsApp group. She enjoys a free-spirited travel lifestyle and has a keen interest in community living. With a broad knowledge, rich experiences, profound thoughts, and an open mind, Mahayana shared her experiences and insights eloquently. She is outgoing, loves dancing, and instantly bonded with our Chef Yu Lin. Their affectionate interactions were palpable.
The American couple, Tom and Jen, had been following Lifechanyuan online for over a year. They visited to experience the real-life of the community. Tom, a software engineer, and Jen, a spiritual healing hypnotherapist, appreciate the community atmosphere and enjoy sharing resources with others. Upon arrival, they immediately inquired about how they could assist us. Having maintained an open relationship for seventeen years, they do not interfere with each other’s romantic freedoms. When asked if Tom considered becoming a community member, he expressed interest but mentioned the need to deepen his understanding by reading the 800 Values. Jen, upon learning that behind the 800 Values lies a vast theoretical framework explaining the mysteries of the universe and life, felt excited. She was given an electronic version of the Chanyuan Corpus to immerse herself in reading.

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