Life in Our New Home of Thailand

Reported by Qianzi on Oct 23, 2020
The construction of the new restaurant in Tathon ecovillage is completed, we’ve started dinning in it. Our Thai friend Noi is the chef, who prepare every meal for us rich and delicious. Thank him so much for his hard work and warm love, and many thanks to the host monk providing us a spacious and comfortable restaurant.
Some days ago, the host monk had guests visiting. We four partners worked together as a team serving our guests in a tacit cooperation. We decorated the restaurant and serve them nice, delicious food. The guests are very happy. At other time, we planted flowers and vegetables in front of the restaurant to turn this land into an ornamental garden-style vegetable garden. The host monk extended his thumb to express his satisfaction and appreciation with our work. After planting vegetables, Yang Le started picking up cow dung, collecting kitchen waste wood chips and fresh grass to make fertilizer for the baby vegetables. We also cleaned and organized the nursery room, raised fruit tree seedlings and flower seedlings, and plan to plant more flowers and fruit trees to make this place more beautiful.
Wherever we Chanyuan celestials go, we treat it as our own home, build and beautify it, and treat the local people as our own brothers and sisters, bringing happiness to them.
I hope our members in China can arrive here smoothly in the near future,together with the friendly local Thai people, creating a paradise here, where people and people, people and nature coexist harmoniously.

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