French Girl Lou Visits Thai Branch

Reported by Qianzi celestial on Nov 6, 2023

Having experienced prosperity, I now realize the beauty of natural simplicity. Having gone through vicissitudes, I understand the true essence of the original.

In Goethe’s epic novel “Faust,” the protagonist traverses the opulence of the world, undergoes countless hardships in search of the true essence of life, and only in his old age, while working in the fields, does he feel the beauty of life. He finds true contentment, happiness, and gratitude within.

We are fortunate and blessed to fully enjoy the beauty of life in our home. The beauty of nature purifies the soul, leaving us desireless and content. The blue sky, white clouds, gentle breeze, chirping birds, colorful butterflies dancing in the garden, and the bountiful fruits and vegetables in the fields, along with smiles on brothers and sisters’ faces, all contribute to the inner serenity of beauty and happiness. The hard work and sweat are no longer driven by survival but have returned to the simple and joyful essence of nature.

French girl Lou found us through HelpX and arrived on October 24th to experience life in our Thai branch. At 24 years old, with a law degree and one year of work experience, she felt anxious, unsure of her future, and decided to travel. In the mornings, we worked with her to improve the clay soil, tend to the garden, and raise seedlings. In the afternoons, she had free time to explore. She enjoyed hiking in the nearby mountains and helping Yulin in the kitchen to prepare dinner. We taught her how to make dumplings, and she also prepared exquisite and delicious French cakes for everyone. In just a few days, her initially weary appearance transformed as she relaxed and enjoyed the simple life in our second home. She expressed that people burdened with fatigue and anxiety in the secular world could find solace and relaxation with us. She also astutely observed that each member of our community had different personalities but harmoniously formed a unified whole. Regarding our open and free attitude towards love and sex, she easily accepted and understood it. Although she didn’t have a steady boyfriend, she didn’t refuse to flirt with some boys.

On her last day before leaving, we organized a game activity and a hot pot party. Everyone ran, laughed, climbed, and rolled on the grassy fields, having a lot of fun and laughter.

As she prepared to depart, Lou bid farewell to everyone with reluctance, hugging us tightly and leaving with romantic French kisses. She expressed deep gratitude for the wonderful experience we provided. She mentioned that the ten days went by very quickly, and she had experienced a lot unforgettable in her lifetime. We hope to have the opportunity to reunite in the future and wish her a pleasant journey and a fulfilling and happy life.”









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