How face masks helped me to navigate single life

Gemma Cairney: ‘I can be as indulgent as I like on my tod.’ Photograph: Katherine Anne Rose for the Observer

After a year of being single, I love peaceful moments of relaxing

At the moment I’m going out with myself – and trying my damnedest to pour my romantic side into self-care. I’m unfurling, relaxing, yoga-ing, swimming in the sea, doing face masks and taking long baths listening to the radio.

I can be as indulgent as I like on my tod. I can put on a face mask and sashay around my bedroom listening to Grace Jones. My face mask of choice is Glamglow’s Supermud Clearing Treatment. Its glorious muddiness gives you a sense of rejuvenation – especially if you’ve been out exploring in the wild.

However, even when you’ve spent hours in the bath in Glamglow’s ‘mattifying’ mask, you still come across all sorts of challenges out there – like the man I’ve named ‘the hurricane’ for the side-effects of dizziness and chaos he induces; or ‘the quicksand’ – the one I jumped right into but have been trying to find a way out of ever since.

I’ve spent a year navigating this wild jungle of single life and I’m thankful for the exhilaration, but I love these peaceful moments of face masks and pondering – just as much as thinking about potential suitors.


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