Learn from the Local Farmers on Improving Soil

Reported by Qianzi celestial on December 4th, 2020

The soil is clay,recently we have been working with the local farmers to learn how to improve the soil suitable for growing vegetables.We also made EM(effective microorganism)to help break down the organic matter in compost and liquid fertilizer.
David is a genius. He was just born to build a community.He is not only professional at permaculture,but also quite good at designing and building by himself. Under the help of workers,the worm farm designed by David is almost finished.David also build three shelves for raising seedlings in green house.
Noi is a wonderful chef,always prepared us amazing meals,which makes us feel so joyous and grateful. When he is not so busy in the restaurant, he works with us in the field, just like he said, he is also a good farmer, who can take care of us well, as well as the plants.

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