Life in the New Oasis of Canada (1)

 Written by Xuefeng on November 14, 2017

(Translated by Xidai and Edited by Kaer)

I passed my driver’s license exam, so we no longer have to depend on others for our transportation.

We celebrated my success by eating pork and drinking cola in the morning and then having chips in the afternoon inside the Oasis. The atmosphere was lively and cheerful.

Foyi decorated the Oasis buildings with colorful holiday lighting. At night, our houses appear resplendent and magnificent from the highway and we expect that it will attract people. When everything is ready, our Oasis will become well-known locally.

I moved from a hotel room to the third floor. It is very comfortable! When sitting at my table, I can see the lake on one side and cars running on the highway on the other.

We began dressing up the hotel rooms. Two rooms have double beds and four have pairs of single beds. The beds are of high quality and so are the linens. We hung beautiful paintings on the walls.

The temperature is above 0°C (32°F) these days.

The snow is melting and we can see green grass on the lawn




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Yeah, life here is peaceful and relaxing.


Dear Xue Feng:Congratulations on your passing the exam


The beautiful life is created by the beautiful soul!


Мы выбираем только самые важные и самые интересные новости, ведь делать нескучный сайт о технике — это бомонд не всего публиковать интересные новости, единственно и не публиковать не интересные. Вы также можете подписаться ради выше еженедельный дайджест и недосужно в неделю приобретать письмо с самыми интересными новостями прошедшей недели. Нынче круг hi tech дает нам сад поводов ради новостей, которые опять вчера казались фантастикой, а теперь это уже не будущее, а наше настоящее — ведь наука не стоит ради месте и новые технологии появляются круг день.