New members joined Thailand branch!

Reported  by Qianzi Celestial on Sep 3rd, 20203
New members joined Thailand branch, Sister Yaqian, Brother Qudan, and their adorable four-year-old child, Dengdeng, arrived at our Thailand home to live with us at the end of August.
Their arrival made our family feel lively and joyful right away. Dengdeng is a well-behaved and cute little kid. Everyone can’t resist hugging and kissing him. Yaqian and Qudan’s demeanor and speech reflect their excellent self-cultivation and qualities.
Yangle arranged for Yaqian and Dengdeng to settle in the mango garden with Brother Daqi and Sister Jiejing. Yaqian provided support and offered to help with cooking, laundry, and cleaning in Mango garden . Meanwhile, Qudan chose to live with us and Yangle is delighted to have another assistant who can help with farming and taking care of the land.
In our community, when a husband and wife move in, their marriage is automatically dissolved. The community takes care of and educates the children. To help Dengdeng become gradually independent from his parents, after extensive discussions, we have temporarily entrusted the caring and experienced Brother Da Qi with looking after the child.
We are all happy and grateful for Yaqian, Qudan, and Dengdeng’s decision to live with us in Thailand home. They have brought us a fresh wave of energy and much more enjoyment. We sincerely hope that the three of them will adapt to and enjoy life in Thailand branch, and that our new life model will provide them with genuine happiness and freedom, distinct from the confines of a small family life.

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