The Celestials, Guests, and Flowers

Reported by Xuefeng on Aug 12, 2023

In July and August, it’s the peak season for business at the our center. Every day, there’s a bustling flow of customers coming and going. Recently, we had a first-time experience where five RVs gathered together, and more than ten guests came to chat and enjoy themselves. Even past 10 o’clock at night, more than ten guests were still sitting around the awning of the RVs, chatting happily. The scene was delightful.

In the past few days, Yuqing, her beloved, and their two lovely daughters, Xiaobai and Xiaoqian, came all the way to the main institute, bringing joy and celebration to the place. Both of the daughters were born and raised in Canada, fluent in English, and possessed cheerful personalities and high spirits that endeared them to everyone. Ehuang and I couldn’t resist taking a family photo with the two lovely daughters, snatching them away from Yuqing and his beloved for a moment.

Business is thriving, and Tongxin, Xinrui, and Huiyi are also busy. The three of them hardly have any free time to go online. When they do have some free time in the evenings, I ask them to compete with me in playing pokers, so we don’t have much time for online communication. I hope everyone can understand.

The flowers are in full bloom, just like young girls in the spring, and sisters are thinking about their lovers. Please enjoy.


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