Two sisters arrive at Thai home!

On March 8th, Shang Fa and Rou Mei sisters’ arrival injected new vitality and energy into our Thai homeland. The daily atmosphere in the community became increasingly lively, warm, and harmonious.
Just catching sight of Shang Fa each day, admiring her every expression and smile, as well as her graceful and sensual figure, became a nourishing aesthetic pleasure. With her meticulous attention to detail, she assisted our chef Yu Lin in tidying up the kitchen and preparing meals, and she also helped out in the vegetable garden when needed.
Rou Mei’s arrival led to the transition of the semi-managed vegetable garden into formalized management. Within a day, the small plot of land in front of the kitchen transformed into a clean and beautiful area. We couldn’t help but admire: our Thai home finally welcomed a professional and experienced vegetable-growing expert!
Last week, we also welcomed two visitors from Australia and Italy. In the morning, Yang Le took them to work in the fields, collecting fallen leaves, fertilizing, and beautifying the environment. In the afternoon, Qian Zi introduced them to the Lifechanyuan and Home Model, and based on their interests and requests, shared and explained articles from spiritual guides: “Finding the True Self” and Lifechanyuan’s views on eating meat.
Games and recreational activities were held ; everyone played across the wooden bridge, participated in Music Detective, danced Biodance, and enjoyed a bonfire dance. The diverse and colorful life in the community left a profound and wonderful impression on these two visitors.

Visits: 85

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