Another Warning to Mankind from the Messenger of the Greatest Creator!

written by Deiform Buddha  on January 1st, 2020

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

More than twenty-five hundred years ago, a messenger from the Greatest Creator warned mankind about today’s situation. Today, I have come to fulfill those ancient warnings.

Floods, fires, wars, plagues, unrest, earthquakes, and other disasters which began in 2009, will continue to play their roles from the warnings which had been given to you a long time ago. Those people whose souls and hearts show only darkness, who pursue material pleasures, who fail to keep their faith, and who are selfish and egotistical, will reap all that they have sown.

Let me lead those of you who still have rays of light in your souls onto a brighter path.

1.   Take the way of the Greatest Creator, not the ways of mankind, gods, Buddha, celestial beings, or demons.

2.   Revere the Greatest Creator, not your worldly leaders; read the books without words, not the ones written by man.

3.   Forget all religions, for they have all become corrupted; none of them retain any truth any longer.

4.    Escape from marriages and families; they will lower you down to hell, not raise you up to heaven.

5.    Stop pursuing material pleasures; they will devour your spirits and souls and drag you into darkness.

6.    Pursue wealth of spirit and soul to the greatest extent; only they can make your souls healthy and pure and lead you to heaven.

7.    Woe unto those people who possess great material wealth for their sins are great and their misfortunes will never come singularly.

8.   Woe unto those people with great power for they oppress the good, deceive the public, force the pure into prostitution, compel the honest to become thieves, and they will shirk responsibility for their transgressions hardly.

9.    Woe unto those people who break their promises, for they are lawless, possess neither virtue nor wisdom, disregard nature’s laws, and create unlimited strife and suffering; as divine punishments are always sure, they will not escape theirs.

10.    Woe unto selfish and egoistical people,for they are heartless, ignore laws and rules, and destroy nature; they will face painful consequences.

11.    Woe unto those people who practice psychic powers and preach supernatural power and magical arts, for they are only concerned with spirits, deities, fortunes, and disasters; they break rules,talk wildly at will, and guide people down evil paths; they deviate from natural rules and principles; they sin greatly.

12.    Do not envy and yearn for capitalism; it invites its own destruction inevitably.

13.    Do not envy and yearn for socialism; much deceit, injustice, and lies are within it and its road is impassable.

14.    Light the divine lamp within your souls; never do evil when encountering hardships and tribulations, but always continue with kindness, for it is only in this way that you can escape from your troubles and leave your suffering and disasters.

15.    Each of you has your own soul garden; you need to deweed it and cut the poisonous grass from it as soon as possible and then import the flowers of virtue; cultivate and fertilize them well so that you will gradually step into the new era after the disasters have ended.

16.   Never run around blindly, for no place is absolutely safe; the key to saving yourself is inside yourself, for you can never outrun your shadow.

17.    As time is running out, do not let the excess of disinformation on the web and in the media devour your last chance, but search for LIFE-related issues quickly; follow the instructions laid out by saints and sages and venture to climb toward the ideal realm that mankind has dreamed of.

18.   The beauty of the future era is beyond belief; I have prepared the road for new era humans which is the “Way of the Greatest Creator” and the “Road of Lifechanyuan”.

We hope that you will avoid the disasters and step into our new era.

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