Visit the Thaton Temple

Reported by Qianzi celestial on Sep 2nd, 2020
Under the leadership of the master of our neighbor Buddhamonthon, two members Huanxin and Yangle visited the Thaton temple, a big​ and​ famous​ temple in Chiang Mai with our international friends David and Noy. The temple has a large area of land which welcomes  permaculture planting and is willing to build an international cultural exchange center. The owner of the temple is a reputable master who learns that we are managing a community in​ Doi saket Chiang Mai, he welcomed us enthusiastically and willing to provide a​ land and support us to build a new one here.  This is such an exciting offer for us, so Yang Le decide to stay there with David and Noy to experience and prepare for the next plan. Other of us decide to visit this place soon to investigate further and consider for our future plan of building a new branch there. 

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