Conflicts Occur between Barbarism and Barbarism and between Barbarism and Civilization

Written by Xuefeng  on March 23, 2021

(Translated by Qinyou, edited by Peter)


Conflicts will occur between barbarism and barbarism and between barbarism and civilization but no conflicts will occur between civilization and civilization.

If we see two people, two tribes, two ethnic groups or two countries fighting, there is no doubt that either both are barbaric, or one is barbaric and the other is civilized but there will never be a conflict between two civilizations.

If the fight between the two parties is extremely brutal, it must be a conflict between two groups of barbarians. If the fighting between the two parties is not so cruel and sometimes a compromise is made, and occasionally there is a truce, but overall, the fighting always continues, it must be a conflict between barbarism and civilization.

Where there is conflict, there must be barbarism. The so-called barbarian is not keeping promises, not following rules, not fulfilling a contract, always wanting to take advantage of the other party, always wanting to control the other party, and always wanting to take the other party’s possessions as his own.

If there was a conflict between two people, and each believed that he was right, but in terms of the nature of the conflict, either the two people were both barbarians, or one of them must be a barbarian, it is impossible for both of them to be civilized. From this we can draw the conclusion that those who often clash with other people must be barbarians and are definitely not civilized people.

Generally speaking, it is the barbarian who acts unjustly and forcefully in a conflict. The more one is good at compromising and self-reflecting, the more civilized they must be.

There is a special phenomenon that when two or more barbarians encounter civilization, in order to deal with civilization together, the barbarians will temporarily unite and confront the civilization as allies. At this time, there will be peace between the two barbarians. They will not be in conflict with each other. But when their common enemy disappears, the temporary peace between the two barbarians will be broken, and mutual conflict will definitely occur between them again. This fact is determined by the nature of barbarism.

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