Soumil from India Visited us!

reported by Qianzi Celestial on Sep 25, 2023
Recently, Thailand Home welcomed a visitor from India, Soumil. He has been making travel videos in India for the past two years. His Youtube channel has tens of thousands of fans and his videos have received up to hundreds of thousands of views. He was invited by the volunteer website worldpackers team to come to Thailand to experience community farm life and create a video to promote their volunteer platform. The 26-year-old video expert chose Thailand branch as his destination. He said he was attracted by the beautiful environment here at the first sight.
Soumil spent three days experiencing life in Thailand branch. He used his mobile phone to film scenes of our daily life, work and entertainment. He also used a drone to take amazing aerial shots of the whole Thailand branch, gathering footage for his video project. In addition to filming the video, Soumil also participated in some manual labor in the garden. He also took time to watch a video introducing Lifechanyuan’s unique life model. Impressed by Lifechanyuan’s philosophy of unifying all religions and unite the whole world as one family, he liked our friendly and happy members and enjoyed the warm and harmonious communal life. He is a kind-hearted young man who cares about the homeless people and how to make the world a better place. However, he still insisted on his own views on marriage and asked if it was possible for him to get married and become a member of Lifechanyuan at the same time.
September 21st is a grand Buddhist festival in Thailand. The Abbot invites all brothers and sisters to go to the temple to watch Thai traditional dance performances. When Xiao Dengdeng saw Abbot for the first time, he acted very polite, putting his hands together and generously greeted to Abbot: “Sawadika!” Abbot was very happy to see Dengdeng and hold him in his arms during watching the dance performance all the time.

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