Chasing for the Best Quality of Work—Series of the Bright Spots (8)

Written by Yixian on Jan 21, 2014

(Translated by Tongxin and Edited by Kaer)

There is a value in the Second Home that is, “whatever your job is, do it the best way you can”.

Many times, our guide has mentioned his grandmother, who always impressed him with her tidiness. She always cleaned the house very carefully and kept it very tidy, and she especially never ignored any small details that most people would not have even noticed, like the corners under the backs of the tables.

This draws my respect immediately. My heart says that she is an elegant lady, a person who chases after the best quality, and one who deserves a first-class life.

Do things carefully and patiently, strive for constant excellence, and chase for a high class of quality — Such spirit is what I lacked and many members in the Second Home also lacked before. Therefore, the guide always reminds us in our daily lives and work that, ”whatever you do, try to do it in the best way you can”.

For example, when I first reached the 3rd branch, I was scheduled to clean the public toilets beside the duck pond. After I finished, the guide came to have a look and commented that, “the cement on the rocks were not cleaned”. Oh, I had not noticed that, but once the guide pointed it out, it became quite obvious to me. So, what should I do now? Find a way out! I found a small file and a hammer from the tool room, plus some steel wool. I then hit the cement, which could have been stuck on the bricks for many years, lightly, and I found that it was as if something in my heart was also cleaned. Ever since that time, whenever I see cement or dirt on marble bricks, I want to clean them thoroughly.

I am not one who does things quickly, and sometimes I just want to finish my work in a hurry. The thought of “just finish it” keeps coming up. Later, I think it through from another angle. In the Second Home, we do not need to worry about anything, there is no pressure with regards to food, clothing, shelter, or transportation, and no worries about birth, aging, sickness, or death, and no troubles about salaries or being pushed by management. My work does not exceed my capability, so I have no reason to not do my job the best way I can. Since then I have reminded myself to not be anxious, but to do all my work slowly and carefully. Even if I cannot do something at a maximum quality level, I should do in the best way I can and with my full heart’s spirit into it.

Sometimes I think about how outstanding our guide really is, because most of Chanyuan celestials are from Henan province and our home was started in Yunnan province, and both of these places are viewed by many as being dirty and untamed, but it was in this place that he led us to build up such beautiful, tidy, elegant, and highly civilized Xanadus.

Puxia celestial’s job is cleaning the bedrooms, she is a sister who strives for the best quality in her work. Every morning before the sun rises, she begins to clean the yards, then she always cleans the bedrooms after the people have left them for work. Every day she mops the floors twice, the first time with a wet mop to absorb the dirt, and the second time to absorb the liquids with a dry mop. Each time she cleans the windows, she does it three times with different towels. The first time is done with a cleaning liquid, the second is done with clean water, and the third is with a clean and dry towel. Every time I see her, my respect for her goes up. She is a model worker whom is worthy to be studied lot from.

There are many more examples, such as our branch director Foyi celestial. He is flexible in both mind and body, and he does everything cleanly and quickly. Most of our ironwork is done by him and sometimes he creates small trinkets which are both functional and beautiful. Another example is the English introduction video of the Second Home done by Tongxin celestial, from shooting and editing to the the voice-overs and subtitles, and to the choices of background music, every step shows a pursuit for the highest quality of production. The stage designs of Zhuhan celestial are always elegant, fresh, and lovely, and the dance performances of Dongfang celestial show every pose to be accurate, smooth, and beautiful. Every day, our cooks make delicious, diverse, and healthy food for us, and there are many, many  more  examples.

One should not only achieve their best possible work results, but they should also try to accomplish the best human qualities by perfecting their soul gardens, so the relationships among people will grow to be friendlier and more  harmonious, relaxed, and pleasant.

I believe that by following our guide’s lead, the day when we live in total happiness will surely come. Because we strive for the best quality of work, we also chase after sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty, we revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE and nature, and we walk on the way of the Greatest Creator. The difficulties we are currently encountering cannot change our faith. On the contrary, they enhance our confidence to continue to chase for the beautiful life. The practice of our home and the love from all our brothers and sisters inside and outside of the community is the huge wealth of spirit and soul of this big family.

The seed of chasing for the top-level quality has been planted in us, the picture of a wonderful new life mode has been planted in our minds, and the new life mode of human beings of the Second Home has been planted in our hearts. Some day, when the right time comes, it will sprout fully.

Dinning hall

Fried leek dumplings


Fishpond with waterfall

Rose fence

A corner of the Third Branch (1)


A corner of the Third Branch (2)

Sofa area (old)

沙发区 旧.jpg
Sofa area (new)

沙发区 新.JPG
Roof Design of sofa area


A corner of the room

The observation platform of the Fourth Branch


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