Seeking Investors Willing to Save Humanity

September 25, 2023


I am Xuefeng, the founder of Lifechanyuan. It has been exactly 20 years since the founding of Lifechanyuan. The mission of Lifechanyuan is to “revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE, revere nature, and take the Way of the Greatest Creator.” The theoretical foundation of Lifechanyuan consists of over 20 million words in the “Chanyuan Corpus” and “Xuefeng Corpus,” with practical activities focused on the construction of the Second Home. Over the past 16 years, we have created 21 communities in Zimbabwe, China, Thailand, Canada, and South Korea, starting from our first community in Zimbabwe.

The production and lifestyle model of the Second Home we have created is completely different from traditional ones. We have openly explained and demonstrated this on the internet through text, images, and videos.

If you are concerned about the history and current state of humanity, climate change, and the safety and future of humanity, you must have realize the following:

  • The traditional production and lifestyle model of humanity is the root cause of human suffering and crises.
  • Humanity’s past knowledge, cognition, and thinking are insufficient to save itself.
  • Various religions are not sufficient to save humanity; if they were, human life would be very different from what it is now.
  • No political party is sufficient to save humanity.
  • No single country, even the powerful United States, can save humanity.
  • The United Nations is also not reliable.

Many great prophets have predicted that a saint from the East will come to save humanity. This is probably the biggest lie and deception in human history. We can consider this a scheme by the devil to lead humanity towards destruction while they indulge in such expectations. It can be imagined that if human’s soul garden is not well-constructed, selfishness remains, and  ego persists, it’s not just saints who can’t save humanity, but also any gods, Buddhas, or Celestial Beings.

If we cannot create a completely different production and lifestyle model for humanity, that is, a survival program, then any moral preaching is merely a sedative, any effort is like trying to scratch an itch from outside one’s boot, and any relief method is just a postponement of the suffering.

Therefore, creating a human production and lifestyle model that is different from the traditional one is the key to sustainable human development.

We have been committed to this goal for 16 years. Now, we want to build a community in the Cariboo region of British Columbia, Canada, capable of accommodating 300 people. The location has already been selected, but we lack funding, specifically 2 million Canadian dollars. If you have always wanted to alleviate the suffering and pain of humanity and have sufficient funds, could you consider investing 2 million Canadian dollars to help us realize our shared dream?

Interested parties, please contact Lifechanyuan Information Exchange Center


You are welcome to come for discussions, inspections, and visits to the selected location of the community.


With respect,

Xuefeng, Lifechanyuan

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