Brothers and Sisters in Thailand Branch

After arriving Thailand Branch, brothers and sisters started the work of the land designing, opening up vegetable field, building a new compost toilet and a new bathroom, and… a lot of work to do! The sky is blue and the weather is hot, like the light in their heart never stop shining, like the passion in their heart never stop burning.

watering the vegetable

Cooking food under simple condition 

Pick up new arrival members

Bamboo bridge


continue working on the bamboo shower room

Compost toilet in construction

New Vegetable field

Phu is making Thai New Year cake 泰式年糕

Vegetable field

Washing the concrete tanks

a bamboo-made laptop table

In the bamboo house

a  newly-made bamboo bed

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Peace Wang
Peace Wang
3 years ago

Thank you for sharing these nice pics. I saw your wooden house. It is simple and tidy.