Welcome Sister Yi Xian

Reported by Qianzi Celestial on Nov 26, 2023
Welcome sister Yi Xian to come and live with us in Thailand branch.
Each member in our community has a unique personality. When it comes to sister Yi Xian, words like cleanliness, orderliness, natural tranquility, and graceful elegance come to mind. These days we are so happy Yi Xian come to live with us in our Thailand branch.
Family members reunited, embraced warmly, shared stories, and enjoyed laughter,the gathering creates a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in our Home. During Values study on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we felt the strong energy hidden beneath Yi Xian’s usual gentle and calm demeanor.
With Yi Xian’s arrival, the living environment in the Thai Home became clean and tidy. Besides Bai Chuan taking care of the kitchen area, other residences hadn’t been regularly cleaned due to everyone’s busy schedules. These days, Yi Xian, with the meticulous brother Qu Dan, initiated an unprecedented deep cleaning of each residence, addressing every corner and surface, from long-standing spider webs on the roofs to dust in corners and windows. The result was entire house looked refreshed and pleasing from both the inside and the outside. A clean living environment elevates energy levels, creating a comfortable and tranquil atmosphere with a touch of celestial vibes, even making my dreams more beautiful at night.
The roselle flowers have started to be harvested, and every few days, some is picked and offered to the temple. These days, Yang Le led everyone in collecting fertilizer and prepared vegetable beds for tomatoes and radishes. In the mango orchard, diligent efforts were focused on cultivating papaya seedlings. Under the influence of Qianzi and Yangle, Jie Jing found joy in planting. She happily showed us the tomatoes and cucumber seedlings she had grown. Each seedling appeared lush and healthy, and Jie Jing referred to them as her own precious babies.

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