No classes, No Difference Between Urban and Rural Areas, Physical and Mental Work, Workers and Peasants-Series of the Bright Spots(16)  


Written by Yixian on January 28, 2014

(Translated by Fengxing and Edited by Kaer

From the day we went from a primitive society to a slave society, classes appeared and all the exploitation and oppression we now see also began. In order to resist exploitation and oppression and to chase for a better and more peaceful life, mankind has made countless efforts and has struggled to transform theory into practice, but this has been a process full of pain, bitterness, blood, and tears. Today, people’s ideal of building up a Utopian and unified society has come true with the practice of the Second Home of Lifechanyuan.

In the Second Home, everyone is equal, there are no classes, no exploitation, no oppression, and everybody is a laborer. No matter what kind of work one does, they are respected and loved by all people, and they can enjoy everything this big family has to offer.

In the Second Home, I have never found anyone who would be considered to be of a management class or of a managed (ruled) class. The Guide is responsible for spiritual guidance. He states the reason for his understandings and his requirements or thoughts, but each individual may decide what to accept, based on their own perceptions. The Guide has never imposed his will upon any member.

Production and daily life in the Second Home are under the overall guidance of the director. For example, if some work needs to be done, anyone can volunteer to do it, but if no one does, the director will either ask some people or will do it himself. The director can never order people to do anything, he can only consult or coordinate with members in a friendly manner. In the Second Home, the Guide and the director enjoy no special treatment or benefits. On the contrary, they regard themselves as servants of the community. When danger or difficulties come, they are the first to make sacrifices, but when times are good, they stand behind. They eat the same food, live in the same rooms, and line up with others for meals. In other words, they are absolutely equal to all other members of the community.

There are meritorious individuals in the Second Home, members who have greatly contributed material wealth, talents, or wisdom to the building of the community. Therefore, they are naturally respected by people, but all meritorious people are clearly aware of that everything they have done is for the purpose of perfecting their own LIFE quality, for repaying their own debts in this and past lives, and for accumulating the “treasure” for a beautiful LIFE future. Through the platform of the Second Home, they have been given good opportunities to realize their dreams and so they are all humble and never feel that they are superior to any others.

In the Second Home, there are no classes of management and labor, nor are there differences between mental labor and physical labor. Anyone who serves the community is an equal laborer and their services are for all members, so there are no differences between noble and humble workers. The Guide and the directors are equal to all other Chanyuan celestials. All jobs, such as washing, cooking, growing vegetables, tending fires, building houses, making roads, cleaning, managing websites, planting grass and flowers, tending fruit trees, raising chickens and ducks, managing the warehouse, and so on, are equal in this home and there are absolutely no differences between noble ones and menial ones.

Everyone admires, respects, and loves those who work carefully and always strive for first-class work, bear before enjoying, have beautiful soul gardens, are diligent, civilized, and polite, and who always manifest their qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, integrity, and honesty, and who always bring joy, freedom, and happiness to others. In fact, everyone tries to become such a person because this is to enhance their LIFE quality and it is for their ultimate ideal of climbing to the highest realms of life and LIFE.

No classes, no differences between urban and rural areas, physical labor and mental labor, no higher or lower jobs, everyone’s  labor value is fully acknowledged, everyone is treated fairly and justly, everyone’s needs are satisfied, and everyone can enjoy a happy life.

Everyone is equal — a dream which has been longed for by thousands of people has already come true in the Second Home.


Helping in the kitchen.




Turning up the soil.








Making a fire.


Carrying dung.


Feeding ducks.


Raising chickens.




Planting trees.


Putting in order.


Growing vegetables.


Planting flowers.





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  1. No classes, No Difference Between Urban and Rural Areas, Physical and Mental Work, Workers and Peasants —— this is one of my favorite aspect of the new life mode in Lifechanyuan. Classes brings opposition, everyone is playing very important role in a society, in a community, everyone is equal and worthy to be respected and appreciated for their work and contribution.

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