There are No Offices and Few Meetings — Series of the Bright Spots (19)

Written by Yixian on January 28, 2014

(Translated by Conglong and Edited by Kaer)

Many people consider that offices are where bosses, officials, and the white collar staff work. It seems that those who work in the offices are superior to farmers, labourers, and small businessmen, as evidenced by their comfortable working environments with heat and air conditioning, good fresh coffee, and light desk jobs.

There are no classes in the Second Home. Each worker is equal to all others no matter what jobs they do, so there are no offices.

Xuefeng, founder of the community, is the spiritual guide of our community at the moment, he is also the acting director in charge of the management of the community. In normal society, a person such as he would have a very big office and a secretary, however in fact, like anyone else, he only has a standard separate room with no special facilities. He writes articles in the room and does not have a secretary.

Branch managers are responsible for the administration and coordination of each branch’s operation. They do not have offices and some do not even have personal computers. They go to the computer room whenever necessary.

The community has five websites, and the website administrators also work in their rooms and do not have offices.

There are no extra meetings except for the two-hour group studies on Monday and Wednesday nights and the community meetings on Friday nights.

The Second Home implements “paradise management”, which means that everyone has ownership of and takes full responsibility for their job, so there are few discussions, and meetings are unnecessary.

For the above reasons, everything in the Second Home is kept simple and easy.

The guide’s bedroom.


The guide’s bedroom is the second in opposite directions.


The guide was interviewed by an AFP reporter in his bedroom.


Paradise Management, Superman philosophy.


Who’s in charge and who has the final say.


The director’s room is the one at the bottom right.



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