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The Video of Katel Farm

Katel Farm was located in Erbatai Township, Kuche County, Aksu region, Xinjiang Province, China. The natural conditions were very harsh, often raging with strong winds blowing sand. The land was very saline and alkaline, and […]


The Video of Gesar Farm

Gesar Farm was located on the bank of the Aksu River in Aksu, Xinjiang province, China. Four distinct seasons exist there, but the natural conditions are harsh. The land is very saline and alkaline, and […]

A New LIfe Mode for a New Era


Let Us Unite as One

Dear Intentional Communities and Ecovillages around the world: Lifechanyuan sincerely invite you to build the international family with us, and let’s unite as one family. In April, 2009, Lifechanyuan created an intentional community – the [...]

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