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  • Konohana Family
    This article was published by Konohana Family in 2015. About 10 years ago, a Chinese woman visited Konohana Family at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Japan and said with excitement, “I learned about the ideal communism at my junior high school. Since then, I have dreamed of such a [...]

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Introduction to Gesar Farm

Translated by Zhengjue and Edited by Kaer Gesar Farm was located on the bank of the Aksu River in Aksu, Xinjiang province, China. Four distinct seasons exist there, but the natural conditions are harsh. The […]


Join us as an Earth Citizen

Dear Earth Citizens: Lifechanyuan International Family in Canada invites you sincerely to join us. A new era is coming. The United Nations, governments of many countries, groups and organizations, and individuals with insight are working [...]

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