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800 Values for New Era Human Beings

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    800 Values
    Updated by Tongxin Celestial on Feb 16, 2023     401–439  Views on the Universe, Space and Time in the New Era 440–460(499、500)Tao 461–476(497、498)the Way of Becoming Celestial Being 477–500  The Kingdom of Heaven and How to Enter Heaven   401. The universe is an illusion and its size relates to our [...]

What Human Actions Go Against the Way of Nature?

written by Xuefeng on  Nov. 27, 2021 (Translated by Qinyou and Edited by Peter)   Any civilization, if it goes against the way of nature, has only one ending: extinction.  Atlantis Civilization, Gendaya Civilization, Mayan Civilization, Mu Continent Civilization, Lemuria Civilization, Ancient Loulan Civilization, Anasazi Civilization, Tiwanaku Civilization, Akkadian Civilization, [...]

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