World Proclamation of the Earth Vibrational Ascension

Bright Spots of New Life Mode

800 Values for New Era Human Beings

  • 800 Values
    701.To unify all thoughts and all beliefs into the Greatest Creator’s will and all religions into one uniform belief system; the whole world will be one family; a stateless world will be in great harmony. THIS is the main theme of the New Era.   702.The existences of families, states, [...]

Lifechanyuan Spiritual and Soul Bank Opens

written by Xuefeng July 1, 2022 (Translated by Qinyou and Edited by Kaer)   Do you have excess spiritual and soul wealth? If so, please save it in the Spiritual and Soul Bank of Lifechanyuan. What kinds of spiritual wealth can be saved in our spiritual and soul bank? You [...]

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